Strategic Planning

Case SP-1
Developed a Document Management Strategy and 5 year implementation plan for a medium-sized utility. The strategy addressed all business areas of the utility: generation (fossil and nuclear), transmission, distribution, and corporate support areas. All aspects of document management were reviewed including process, information, technology, and organization. This included the review of all technology deployments and the ramifications of deploying document management as an infrastructure addition to their information technology mix.
Case SP-2
Developed a Strategic Information Technology plan for a government agency. Project included developing process models that depicted current work practices, evaluating current technology deployment, assessing internal information systems personnel resources, and developing future data and technology architectures. A cost/benefit of various strategies was also developed.
Case SP-3
Developed a five-year strategic plan for the near- and long-term deployment of information systems that support the Nuclear Power Department of a large-sized utility. This entailed developing functional, process, data, and technology architectures based on facilitated sessions business area personnel, Nuclear Power Department management, and Information Technology personnel.

Programmatic Support

Case PS-1
Provided consulting assistance in the development of policies, procedures, and guidelines regarding software quality assurance, as it pertains to information systems development, procurement, and maintenance for a northern utility. This included developing an overall model of the software development lifecycle, identifying regulatory requirements and/or guidelines, and providing pertinent direction, based on software categorization.
Case PS-2
Developed a Configuration Management Program Enhancement Plan for a Nuclear Power Department. This effort included performing a high-level process analysis, performing industry research and conducting a survey of other utilities’ CM program, and developing a Program Statement, that included goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities of the Department, and performance indicators.
Case PS-3
Performed a process redesign of the inter-departmental drawing change control process. Provided business process reengineering consulting services to streamline the inter-departmental process of Drawing Change Control. Conducted focus sessions and modeled business processes using structured analysis techniques and CASE tools.

Technology Consulting

Case TC-1
Provided consulting services to the Division of Facilities and Maintenance Services of a large school district. This consisted of two main areas: 1) the development of a technical specification and RFP for the procurement of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and 2) assisted in the design and procurement of an electronic document management system. Both areas are targeted at a client/server environment that needs to support a highly distributed user community that consists of 153 schools and other facilities that make up the school system.

Case TC-2
Provided consulting services to the Information Technology department of a large utility in the concepts, design, and implementation of an enterprise electronic document management system.  This entailed providing specifications on the essential infrastructure required (servers, disk capacity, network requirements), as well as required software/application components and their distribution amongst the required hardware.  This included web server load balancing, performance testing, and third-party component implementation.

System Design

Case SD-1
Provided consulting services in the area of electronic document management systems. This work included developing an enterprise-wide strategy and plan, while supporting various EDMS implementations. The EDMS implementations included a procedures management system; introducing workflow and electronic forms technologies; and assisting in the longer-term rollout of the EDMS platform. Activities include developing the requirements specifications, business cases, and implementation plans for the various implementations.

Professional Training
The following training courses are currently available. KISMET Consulting will customize courses to fit the requirements of your organization.

Case PT-1
Conduct two-day seminar on implementing an Electronic Records Management Program. This seminar includes an overview of the regulations and legal aspects that govern electronic records, as well as an overview of published guidance. The second half of this seminar focuses around a defining a case example and the steps that would need to be taken to implement the ER system and program.
Case PT-2
Provide an overview class on the concepts and issues surrounding document management in the nuclear industry. Topics include:

  • Nuclear Industry - Current Issues, General Organizational Structure, Pertinent Regulations and Guidance

  • Fundamental Document and Records Management Business Processes - Essential grounding in business concepts and processes for document management.

  • Document Management Concepts - Essential concepts of document management.

  • Document Management Technologies - General discussion on various technologies that can be deployed to solve various business and technical issues.

  • Electronic Records Management - General discussion that compares and contrasts those issues related to electronic records management.